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Raising Arrows
Drop-Off Program

This program runs from early September to early May and meets twice a month on Thursdays from 10-2:30. We offer many additional opportunities to build connections throughout the year. 

9:50-10:00 am: Drop Off 

10:00-10:15 am: All-Student Assembly (devotional, prayer, Pledge of Allegiance, announcements) 

10:15-12:05 pm: Primary Classes 

12:10-1:00 pm: Lunch and Recess/Free Time Outdoors 

1:05-1:25 pm: Clubs 

1:30-2:30 pm: Elective Classes 

2:30 pm: Pick Up 


(Note: Following the morning assembly, Pre-K students remain self-contained for class, lunch, and recess. Pre-K students remain with their primary teacher throughout the day and do not attend clubs nor electives.) 

Primary Classes

Primary classes are divided by grade-level.  Biblical values and Christian character are emphasized in all Raising Arrows classes, and all classes may include Bible lessons. 


The Pre-K class is for students who are 4 years old and fully potty trained by the first day of co-op.  Pre-K is a gentle introduction to a drop-off setting and group interactions with theme-based learning, lots of movement, and a wide variety of sensory and hands-on activities. The focus of Pre-K is learning through play and having fun - not academics.

Kinder - 4th Grade

The division of elementary school classes may vary by year depending on the number of students in each grade. The emphasis of our K-4th grade lower elementary classes is to create a fun learning environment where students can grow and learn together. We encourage friendships and work on confidence as students explore who God created them to be. Calendars of weekly themes are provided for each class at the beginning of the year, and lessons and activities are designed around each weekly theme. Examples of fun lower 2 elementary activities have included a class pet, show and tell, science projects, arts and crafts, music, cooking, robotic LEGOs, and Flat Stanley.

Upper Elementary

The division of elementary school classes may vary by year depending on the number of students in each grade. The emphasis of our 5th-6th grade upper elementary classes is to further develop students’ character while focusing on responsibility, friendship-building, and self-confidence. Classes are typically theme-based, and studies may include history, art, science and nature, cooking, entrepreneurship, and more. Students explore how other people and cultures live around the world. These students have the opportunity to develop team-building skills through group projects and public speaking skills through presentations. Each student is given an opportunity to learn and grow in a safe environment.

Middle School

Our middle school class, which includes 7th and 8th grades, is set up as an elective and life skills class. Students will work on confidence, building friendships, speaking in front of the class, and other valuable skills. Previous topics have included cooking (measurements, abbreviations, meal planning, pickling), money (learning about making change, writing checks, savings, and credit), social skills (respecting elders, community service, acts of kindness), cool science experiments and weird animal projects, sewing, woodworking, and Texas history.

High School

The high school class, which includes 9-12th grades, is designed to provide 1 credit hour. Each year, the teacher selects curriculum, teaches the subject material, makes assignments, and grades projects and homework to meet all requirements for the course. Parents are only responsible for ensuring their student is completing the assigned work. Our high school teacher understands that each student learns differently and is dedicated to ensuring each student succeeds. The upcoming high school schedule is as follows: 2023-2024 – American History (1 credit hour) 2024-2025 – Government/Economics (1 credit hour) 2025-2026 – World History (1 credit hour) 2026-2027 – World Geography (1 credit hour)

Image by Xavi Cabrera


Our clubs allow students to explore areas of interest in small, student-led groups. Previous club examples include LEGO, sculpting, elementary art, book club, Bible journaling, yearbook, and board and card games. A list of club descriptions will be released each summer with activities, related fees (if any), which grade levels can join each club, and how many students can participate in each club. All K-12th students will participate in clubs. 

Image by Bogomil Mihaylov


A variety of teacher-led electives are offered each year for K-12th grade students. These classes are mixed-grade level for K-8th grade students depending on the chosen class. For example, some electives might only be open to K-2nd grade while others are open to 2-6th grade. High school students will have their own elective options worth a 0.5 course credit hour. Previous elective examples include STEM, P.E., Personal Finance, Music, Art, Theater, Apologetics, Speech, Around the World, and Nature Detectives. 

Tuition and Fees

Raising Arrows wants to bless our students and their families with a fun, enriching learning environment and stress-free year at an affordable cost. All teachers serve as unpaid volunteers, and we make every effort to be good stewards of the money we receive as a co-op. Please note that all payments are non-refundable. 

  • Monthly Tuition: $35/month for first student in a family, $25/month for additional siblings in a family

    • Tuition is to be paid one month in advance so teachers have the opportunity to purchase needed supplies for their upcoming classes. For example, September tuition is due in August. 

    • Limited scholarships and discounts are available. 

    • Please speak with Sara Orozco if you are enrolling more than 4 students to discuss large family pricing. 

We make every effort to keep Raising Arrows operating as scheduled during the co-op year. However, if a co-op date is ever canceled due to extreme circumstances (i.e. icy road conditions, unexpected facility closure, etc.), tuition will not be refunded or discounted. We will make every effort to offer a make-up date if an unexpected cancelation occurs. 

  • Annual Registration and Insurance Fee: $50 per family 

  • Annual Facility Fee: $50 per family that is fully gifted to the church 

  • Annual Party Fee: $50 per family of K-12 students, $20 per Pre-K student 

  • Annual Picture Day Fee: $10 per family 

  • High School Curriculum for 9-12th Grade Students: Price varies 

  • Field Trips and Summer Playdates (Optional): Price varies by location and attendance, sometimes free 

  • School Supplies: Price varies by primary and elective classes 

  • Club Fees: Price varies by club, sometimes free ​

Parental Responsibilities 

Although Raising Arrows is a drop-off co-op, we want our member families to really know each other and be an active part of each other’s lives outside of two Thursdays each month. God designed us to be in Christian community, and connection is a key part of this co-op’s ministry. In addition to drop-off days, we strongly encourage families to attend field trips, moms’ night, family night, high school hang outs, and other special events. We require families to attend the talent show in January and Awards Night/Senior Graduation in May. As busy homeschool families, we understand that special circumstances exist and sometimes things that can’t be helped unexpectedly arise. If this is your situation, we ask that you clearly communicate with Sara Orozco prior to the required events. 


Raising Arrows would not be possible without our parent volunteers. Volunteers play an essential role in making this co-op successful. All families are required to serve the co-op for a minimum number of required shifts per co-op year (typically 8-10 shifts, depending on the number of member families). These shifts must be served by a parent from each family; teenage students can’t serve in place of a parent. We are exceedingly grateful for the sweet families who offer to step up as needs arise, especially if it means willingly exceeding their minimum number of required shifts for the year. 

Each mom will be assigned to a volunteer team for the year. Examples include: 

  • Set Up Crew: Preparing the facility for co-op days 

  • Lunch Crew: Supervising students during lunch and recess 

  • Clean Up Crew: Restoring the facility to good condition after co-op days 

  • Party Crew: Helping with co-op parties and show nights 

  • Club Moms: Planning club activities and purchasing supplies for student-led clubs 

  • Event Coordinators: Planning and hosting special events 

Registration for 24/25 is now closed.

Registration for 25/26 will open Spring 2025.

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